Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Of 146 countries, where do you think the U.S. would rank concerning the environment? Granted, the current boob in office does not help matters, but even that considered, what would you think, top 5%? Top 10%? 20%?? Nope, try 31%. The U.S. ranks 45th out of 146 countries. The methodology involves 75 factors. Even when the U.S. is compared to a smaller set of countries exhibiting similar characteristics, we rank just in the middle.

Oh, but I forgot, this is of such little concern and importance since we must focus our attention on defeating terrorism and evil doers. Don't lose sight of what truly matters. The environment and all things associated with it are just a luxury when compared with the everyday fear we're supposed to maintain.

Right r-wingers? And I'm the alarmist?!

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