Friday, January 28, 2005

Some theorize that after the election is held, the U.S. will finally cut and run from Iraq, leaving the country to sink or swim on its own. If indeed this were to happen, odds greatly favor Iraq descending into chaos and ultimately civil war. As it is, the Sunnis will likely not vote, and yet the Kurds and Shia likely will as they stand to gain, or lose, the most. Insurgent attacks on Iraqi pipelines has increased to the point where it's a daily occurence. Given the price of oil is already high, with production tapped out, is it conceivable that Bush/Cheney would take a chance on leaving this oil source vulnerable? Me thinks not. After all, it's the true reason we invaded in the first place.

If anything, the U.S. will likely dedicate more resources to the region, not less. The situation is a debacle but Bush has gone too far to retreat now. He just asked for another $80 bil. to finance our existing presence there -- imagine what it will cost when he is forced to increase this presence! The budget deficit will continue to erode in the process and eventually matters will worsen to the point where the GOP will begin to fracture.

Although that outcome will be a good one, it will have arrived at a horrific, tragic cost.

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