Sunday, January 09, 2005

Imagine What Would Happen If It Was Clinton (or another Dem), Exhibit #817:
All three papers front the Bush administration's controversial $240,000 contract with conservative TV personality Armstrong Williams, who agreed to promote Bush's education policies on the air and to other black media figures. Williams has a syndicated TV show and newspaper column and appears frequently on CNN, NBC, and elsewhere. When the story became public, he called his failure to disclose the paid arrangement "an error in judgment." Congressional Democrats have begun to complain about what they see as a Bush pattern of "bribing journalists to bias their news in favor of government policies." The LA Times notes: "In two cases last year, the Government Accountability Office, Congress' nonpartisan investigative arm, declared that departments under Bush had engaged in illegal "covert propaganda." []
Does this register with anyone? My guess: approximately half of America is likely outraged like myself (i.e. non-GW zombies), then you have the GW legion, X amount of which are religious folks who seemingly could care less about any indiscretions above the zipper, and the remaining numbers are so gung-ho sold on this fool that they simply live in denial.

The state of affairs in this country -- forget Iraq -- is sorry. We're hitting new lows when it comes to tolerating, and in effect encouraging, hypocrisy. I could be wrong but I recall Jesus having much to say about hypocrites.

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