Thursday, March 03, 2005

I guess this is possible. It wouldn't be the first time they fabricated wedge issues to run on. But it could also be that at first they were earnest, but given the bad reception now they'll resort to this re-framing of the failed "crisis." I guess we're also to believe the recently setup war room is all for show:
The Treasury Department yesterday announced the formation of a Social Security "war room" and the hiring of three full-time employees to help coordinate and refine the administration's message on the issue. The war room, which the administration is calling the Social Security Information Center, will track lawmakers' remarks to their local news outlets, to help the White House detect signs of Republican concern or Democratic compromise. (Washington Post, 2/28/05)
Again, this all may be true, but I get the feeling it's taking conspiracy theory a bit too far....

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