Monday, March 07, 2005

My #1 fave must-read blog, pulling ahead of Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo: Kevin Drum's Political Animal. It's consistently excellent, providing truly interesting entries that are not just marginal fodder to fill up a page.

Here's a terrific recent example. GW & Co. are caught not just casting the usual spurious doubts on established science, but worse yet, lying about it. They can't just smear and distort -- their usual method for achieving desired ends -- but apparently now feel emboldened enough to just go all the way and completely misrepresent and misstate the facts.

And why not? They obviously have no qualms about doing so (says much about them), but where's the "liberal" press to enforce some degree of truth and honesty? As Kevin writes, "the Post was still unwilling to flatly call these statements lies. What does it take, guys?" Indeed.

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