Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Q: "Just curious, how did the Democratic senators vote on this issue?"

A: You force me to play the role of the elite liberal (happens very often): 1) the GOP controls Congress and therefore decides what comes up for vote, 2) they know they can throw red meat to their religious base on this issue, therefore pays to make it a big to-do, 3) they also know if Dems vote against it, they can then campaign (with usual campaign trail lies and deception) on Dems being anti-life (similar to indecency bill B.S.). You see? Win-win. If Dems controlled Congress and did this same thing, I'd be just as critical. Note: to get ANWR passed, they tucked it inside bigger spending bill (didn't have the votes otherwise), but on this issue (and others like it), where they WANT the big headlines and the "threat" of specifically-targeted roll call votes, it's a separate bill.

Pure bottom-feeding partisan politics -- surprise!

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