Saturday, March 05, 2005

Kobe Bryant, accuser settle her civil lawsuit

DENVER - Basketball star Kobe Bryant and the Colorado woman who accused him of rape 20 months ago have settled her civil lawsuit against him, their lawyers announced Wednesday. Kobe Bryant did not comment on his settlement with his 20-year-old female accuser. Terms of the out-of-court agreement were not released.
This announcement has received lots of media play but hey, let's not forget this near-exact same kind of news came out not too long ago regarding a very famous, family-values-ridden, traditionalist (?) FOX News talk show host.... Funny how that was so quickly forgotten -- where is the moral outrage, or grotesque fascination?! Could it be the right-wing easily forgive their own, no matter the transgression? No, couldn't be, not the righteous right -- strike thee down, no matter the political leaning! (Hah!)

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