Monday, March 13, 2006

  • As expected, the gutless Dems leave Feingold out in the cold.

  • Will the real John McCain please stand up? (True independent maverick, or just a GW lackey that will have this as an '08 slogan: “If you support the president’s vision, John can carry it forward"....?)

  • With Congress rejecting the Dubai port deal and going further to propose bills that would effectively limit foreign ownership of companies in other industries, look for this protectionist zeal to continue throughout the year. Given an unpopular president and fast-approaching elections, politicians will simply fall over themselves to give the people what they want (see polls). Never mind the prudence of such isolationist legislation, it won't matter. This stuff will pass easily as the fat cats have nothing else to run on that has such clear-cut favorable poll numbers. Also, the side benefit is it stands against an already woefully weak and unpopular leader.

    Yes, the stock market will likely decline, a deep recession may soon follow, and countries will gradually retaliate, but what the heck, it's all about hating those dang foreigners & God Bless America, right? Despite misgivings, BushCo harvesting seeds sown....
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