Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Guy James Show

Fortunately, he's back. Guy James is once again on the air, only now we get to hear him Monday-Friday, two hours each day. You can hear his show via White Rose Society. Guy is simply one of the best liberal voices on radio, along with Mike Malloy and Tom Hartmann.

After viewing GW's recent press conference, Guy rightfully described Jr. as a "jerk," an arrogant, condescending, and most of all ignorant man who is all about power and getting his way and who couldn't care in the least about governing responsibly, with compassion and humility, not to mention with the Constitution always in mind. Guy stated while he didn't agree with the agendas of Nixon or Reagan, and even much of Dem LBJ's, he never believed that those men were jerks.

Though this distinction may sound overly trite and frank, it's an important one. It's one thing to have someone leading the country who you disagree with and yet can respect as a person. That's just not the case with this frat-house dunce, who even if for some unknown reasons you agree with his actions and views over the last 5+ years must admit he's a first-class A-Hole who deserves to already be ranked as our worst president ever, by far.

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