Friday, March 31, 2006


Another Karl Rove red-light special, an issue picked to inflame and arouse the base, but even more so to wag-the-dog by getting the MSM's attention off of Iraq and the countless other bad news items of the day. Rove has to give Rush and O'Reilly something new to talk about since promiscuity in teens has been played out and welfare abuse is just so 1990s.

So don't fall for it (although I see just this past week that Will, Tierney, and even Krugman have written columns about the issue). Karl wants you to take the bait and get mad as hell! Just don't. Always remind yourself we have much more pressing, important things to be fretting about than the folks who pick our vegetables, mow our lawns, clean our hotel rooms, and do so many of the other jobs most people in this country simply won't do.

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