Saturday, March 25, 2006

A recent story in the LA Times was entitled, "Some U.S. Officials Fear Iran Is Helping Al Qaeda." Kevin Drum commented, "we've been down this road before. Only an idiot would believe the Bush administration a second time around unless they have some awfully good evidence to share with us."

Another example of how Bush's regular use of lies and deception has made us a less safe nation. Reasonable, reality-based people have come to learn they can't trust this administration about nearly anything. Now suppose this news concerning Iran and Al Qaeda is in fact true. Because BushCo has lost all credibility, we're correctly skeptical about everything coming from them. Per chance that something does come down the pike that is actually true, we'll have no way of knowing since all trust has been squandered.

We have a "boy who cried wolf" president -- thanks to his purposeful and negligent dishonesty, and we're much less safe because of it. Tragically, now more than ever, we may never know fact from fiction when it comes to imminent threats facing us -- and BushCo is solely to blame.

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