Thursday, June 09, 2005

Chris Mooney writes about Andrew Revkin, the NY Times reporter who has repeatedly written about the Bush administration's dishonesty and meddling when it came to government reports concerning the environment. Chris lists a number of links to the stories Revkin has published over the past few years.

Scoundrels will be scoundrels. They know nothing else and it's what they do. Almost more so to blame is the silent public, who apparently expresses a greater degree of emotion and alarm over the Michael Jackson trial or Schiavo's private tragedy. Until voters express rage in numbers and demand change, Bush/Cheney/Rove will continue. They realize very little seems to resonate with the public -- at least of any real importance -- so why fear any backlash? They doctor environmental reports, they doctor intel, they doctor up energy policy by allowing lobbyists and corporations to write it, they doctor up prepackaged TV news, they doctor Bush's military records -- when will we demand a stop to these vile abuses?

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