Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Here's a question: why so many apparent "mistakes" in environmental government reports, requiring needed editing and correcting by Phil Cooney and the like within the administration? You'd think there would be an outcry of sorts given this continuous problem. Shouldn't there be an investigation on why such shoddiness has remained a constant problem regarding these reports? (I could go on and on with such rhetorical questions -- you get the point).

Also, Robert Novak -- the dean of whack-job right-wing columnists -- recently wrote that Europeans are all for Kyoto because they know (and desire) it will bring down the U.S. economy to their level. In other words, their true intentions for wanting to address global warming is actually out of spite against the USA. They seek revenge for our prosperity and quality of life.

It's no wonder I hardly ever see a left-leaning blog (much less right!) ever cite or discuss anything Novak has to say because it's nearly universally accepted that he's not to be taken seriously and is a 100% partisan hack. He'll write any kind of nonsense to push his agenda. Notice the above conspiracy theory has zero hard proof, just his crazed surmising. It's what he does. The Chicago Sun-Times should be ashamed.

Of course, Novak fails to see that in these modern times, America's economy and Europe's economies are closely joined (interconnected) and have a high degree of correlation. Regional economies have become global. If we go down, so do they, even lower in this case (no parity achieved). Any economist worth his/her salt will concur with this widely-accepted point, and the Europeans are not stupid and understand this fact.

The only idiot here is Novak.

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