Thursday, June 16, 2005

USA Today has an article today that reinforces what Eugene Robinson recently wrote about in the Washington Post. Namely, that attractive, white women who tragically are kidnapped, abused, etc., almost always get featured on the 24/7 news channels and soon become a national obsession. Meanwhile, the many other not-as-photogenic, and typically non-white, females who are likewise missing, beaten, raped and murdered, etc., don't get a mention.

A few days ago, I heard that pillar of morals, Bill Bennett, crowing on his radio show about how Robinson's piece was just absurd. Bennett went on and on for about a good minute stating that the premise of the column was outrageous and off-base -- however, not once did he provide any supporting evidence to his opinion(s). He just dismissed it with his rambling it-just-couldn't-be platitudes and then cut for a commercial. That good, hard substance from the right, so refreshing.

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