Monday, June 20, 2005

When does it end!
The Bush administration altered critical portions of a scientific analysis of the environmental impact of cattle grazing on public lands before announcing Thursday that it would relax regulations limiting grazing on those lands, according to scientists involved in the study.
Oh, and this gem:

Dana Milbank of The Washington Post, in a column on Friday, suggested that the congressional forum the previous day on the Downing Street memos was something of a joke. In his opening sentence he declared that House Democrats “took a trip to the land of make-believe” in pretending that the basement conference room was actually a real hearing room, even importing a few American flags to make it look more official.

Oddly, he seem less interested in the far more serious “make-believe” that inspired the basement session: the administration’s fake case for WMDs in Iraq that has already led to the deaths of over 1,700 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis. No, Milbank used the valuable real estate of the Post--its only coverage of the event--to mock Rep. John Conyers, who arranged the meeting, and his “hearty band of playmates.”

This fun-loving “band” included a mother who had lost her son in Iraq.
I urge everyone to catch repeats of these hearings on CSPAN. I did and what's immediately striking is the shoddy quality of the room. It appears as if this very important hearing -- much more important than the nonsense that went on regarding Clinton's Monica incident -- is being held in a cramped bomb shelter. Sadly, it actually occurred in a basement.

Also, as much as the "liberal" media has attempted to explain away the DS memos as old news, in watching this forum I learned many things I didn't already know. And I stay fairly current on news items, so just imagine how much John Q. Public doesn't know about this entire reprehensible affair.

In particular, 27-year CIA analyst Ray McGovern has some amazing revelations and anecdotes to convey. It's truly astounding that everything about this matter is not getting more play in the news outlets. Never let a r-wingnut tell you again that the media is biased against their side. Maybe, maybe that was the case 40 or 50 years ago, but in no way shape or form is that the case now.

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