Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Dirty Secret

A Bush defense for the illegal wiretappings is 9-11, with the obligatory appeal that it changed everything. Yes, once again this tragic event is being used to inch that much closer to a neofascist state in the name of protecting the people.

In reality, this administration is making the case that our Constitution is now antiquated (heck, everything is different now, right?). This document has outlived its usefulness when it comes to a "War on Terror" era. It's apparently understandable to do what's deemed necessary to protect the people -- even if it's unconstitutional or against the rule of law.

So when will King GW & Co. finally come out and make this case? When will they assert for the record that the Constitution is of little use in these dangerous, modern times? When will they propose that the Constitution needs to be changed or updated to better suit our current global reality?

I assure you it won't happen anytime soon, but the weak-kneed Dems should make the above clear to the American public and press the issue.

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