Tuesday, January 17, 2006

  • A prescient reminder:
    You can have your Washingtons, your Jeffersons, and your Madisons. All great men, to be sure. But for my money, the greatest of them all was Benjamin Franklin, my favorite founding father and the first great American liberal.
    I heartily agree, although I have Jefferson (another great liberal) coming in a close second.

    The next time a staunch right-wing Republican refers to our founding fathers, please remember that many if not most in this illustrious group would be tagged as a liberal today.

  • Really David, you think O'Reilly is a clown?

  • King GW orders more purging of environmental data so the public remains even less informed.

  • When will a death count begin as a result of this boondoggle of a health bill and its disastrous roll-out? The GOP has even more blood on its hands....

  • Many stories out today about the price of oil shooting higher if sanctions were to be enforced against Iran. I've written here in the recent past that it wouldn't have to take sanctions for Iran to turn off its oil spigot. It's not lost on them the tight supply situation currently; they can use this unfortunate fact as an economic weapon with tremendous leverage.

  • From a recent PEW poll:
    There has been little change recently in views of which party is more honest and ethical, and which is better able to manage the federal government well. Currently, 37% believe the phrase "governs in an honest and ethical way" better describes the Democratic Party; 30% say it better describes the GOP.
    Needless to say, the GOP corruption scandals will be a huge issue for the Dems in this year's election. A 37%/30% margin is not wide enough, at all. If they fail (again!) to capitalize on this opening, then they deserve to be a minority party. The raw material is just sitting there for them to assemble and package into a damning indictment against the GOP. Let's go people!
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