Thursday, January 12, 2006

  • Re Alito: He's not qualified if he's purposefully evasive to the point of lying. Answer the questions truthfully else be judged as unfit, period. Read this.

  • From a Kevin Drum post, despite the fact that the working poor are responsible for approx. $9 bil. in tax fraud [with odds favoring a good amount of that "fraud" due to filing ignorance] as compared to the more affluent who rob the IRS coffers of approx. $340 bil., guess which group gets the most attention from IRS enforcement under this administration? Yes, the working poor -- again, despite more fraud occurring by the affluent by a magnitude of 37x!

    And percentages don't matter here: facing a whopping federal deficit combined with limited resources at the IRS (thanks to GOP stripping the IRS budget), it only makes sense to go after the bigger fish to fry, i.e. the absolute figure of $340 bil. vs. measly $9 bil. Also, despite the IRS freezing hundreds of thousands of refund checks for the poor due to suspicion of fraud, when such folks pressed the IRS it was found that 2/3 of them deserved their check (no fraud), adding credence to my suggestion that much of the "fraud" by the poor is likely due to innocent filing ignorance.

  • With a stroke of his pen, King George decides once again not to follow the law of the land:
    [The White House] is explicitly reserving the right to abuse prisoners, while denying them any opportunity to seek redress in court. Having publicly accepted the ban on cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, Mr. Bush is planning to ignore it whenever he chooses.
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