Thursday, January 12, 2006

Signed by fourteen constitutional scholars and former government officials, this 8-page document lays out why Bush's secret NSA wiretapping program is illegal. The concluding paragraph:
The DOJ letter fails to offer a plausible legal defense of the NSA domestic spying program. If the Administration felt that FISA was insufficient, the proper course was to seek legislative amendment, as it did with other aspects of FISA in the Patriot Act, and as Congress expressly contemplated when it enacted the wartime wiretap provision in FISA. One of the crucial features of a constitutional democracy is that it is always open to the President--or anyone else--to seek to change the law. But it is also beyond dispute that, in such a democracy, the President cannot simply violate criminal laws behind closed doors because he deems them obsolete or impracticable.
If it was Clinton, he would've been booted out by now.

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