Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Evidence that K Street is alive and well: in closed session the GOP gift-wraps a $22 billion giveaway to the health insurance industry.

This quote from a Democrat is particularly infuriating:
"It happens in the dead of night when lobbyists get a [Republican lawmaker] in the corner and say, 'We've got to have this,' " said Rep. Fortney "Pete" Stark (Calif.), the Democrats' point man on Medicare issues. "It's a pattern that just goes on and on, and at some point the public's going to rise up."
Oh really Pete? When? When will the public finally rise up? If they haven't done so already given the numerous transgressions and willful knocks against them, then why should they suddenly revolt anytime soon? And with regards to this latest slimy maneuver, how would the general public even have been made aware of it since it was a closed session, "dead of night" deal?

No Mr. Stark, it's the job of you and your Democratic colleagues to inform the public of such outrageous acts and to do so forcefully and with great passion to fuel the people's rage. As a public servant, you are supposed to clearly and repeatedly let us know when we're getting screwed. Do that enough times and done effectively and then, and only then, can you rightfully expect the public to clamor for change. Short of that occurring, nothing will happen.

It's no wonder this party continues to be one in the minority. They're clueless (and a bit lazy I might add).

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