Sunday, September 24, 2006

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see Bill Clinton kick some right-wing ass. It's about time. Click here and here to witness Clinton forcefully answering accusations and GOP talking points as delivered by FOX News host Chris Wallace.

Notice once Clinton answered the accusation, and then answered it again, and then further fleshed it out and correctly went after Wallace for not asking the same questions to anyone in the Bush administration, that chicken-shit Wallace then looked to cut and run, wishing to move on to another topic. It's what they do, drive-by smears, and they don't like it when one vigorously and thoroughly replies. The fantasy-ridden cowards then want to just move on, tail between legs.

In fact, just watch this video and imagine if the same crowd tried the Swift Boat bullshit on Clinton. Note the stark contrast between the former president and Kerry, the way in which Clinton does not allow them to get away with their usual in-the-gutter, sleaze tactics and calls them out on it. That's what you have to do: first have the facts, but then attack back, and attack again and again. Remain composed, but make sure to be heard, loud and clear.

Also, don't you just love the coincidence, 9/11's fifth anniversary comes and goes and who is seemingly getting blamed for all the problems with Iraq? Yes, Bill Clinton. He's always the right's go-to guy for blaming all their problems, just bash Clinton, it's always a safe bet. Yup, if only Clinton killed Osama we never would have had 9/11. It's all his fault.

As Clinton says, read Richard Clarke's book. He's by far the foremost expert on anything having to do with terrorism or Osama and has worked under four presidents -- three of which were Republican. Clarke makes the case for Clinton, and as we all know Clarke does not have such nice things to say about GW on matters such as pre-9/11 and Iraq. Oh, but I forgot, the wingnuts simply dismiss him as a partisan hack -- as they promptly dismiss anything else that doesn't agree with their fiction-based opinions.

Sheer insanity.

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