Friday, September 22, 2006

Kevin Drum writes:
Nearly everyone in Democratic circles agrees that the war in Iraq was a mistake, though there's still a fair amount of disagreement about what to do about this now. However, if the people I talked to last night are right, that's a wild understatement. These are the folks who walk precincts, participate in party conventions, and help write position statements, and what they told me is that party activists in California are practically at war with each other over the question of whether we should withdraw from Iraq "immediately" or merely "as soon as we can."
Bush would be tickled to read this bit of news, laughing to himself (and likely ripping a few farts for good humorous measure) for being responsible for this fierce in-fighting.

Because of his asinine decision to go to war in Iraq, the Dems are unfortunately forced to come up with an alternative solution to the equally asinine "stay the course" position of the GOP. Faced with this very difficult task has resulted in intense debate within the party.

Yeah, it's a side-splitting riot George. The country thanks you for the divisive, but hilarious, debacle.

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