Monday, September 25, 2006

Yes it's a bit old, but I wanted to point out CREW's "20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress" report. Of the twenty members, in the Senate, three are Republican, none are Dems. In the House, 14 are Republican, three are Dems. And on their list of members to watch, four are Republican, one is a Dem.

So let's sum up: of the 25 total members identified, 21 are Republican vs. just 4 Democrats, or 84% are in the GOP. Proof positive that absolute power corrupts absolutely. (Oh, and the count would've been 24-4 in favor of the Republicans if not for Cunningham and Ney already going to jail, and of course DeLay is missing from the list).

Is it no wonder just 25% of the American public approved of the way Congress was doing its job and that the FBI had to triple its work force in DC to keep up with the level of corruption?

Glad to see that GW and the Republicans have spent the last six years successfully washing away all of that Clinton filth....

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