Saturday, September 09, 2006

So ABC managed to send out approximately 900 preview copies of the 9/11 miniseries to every right-wing blog on the internet but refuses to send copies to Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, or Sandy Berger, not to mention any progressive blogger. What was once billed as a "documentary" has now been modified to a "dramatization." It was also once stated to be objective, but Max Blumenthal uncovers that the people and groups behind this farce are anything but objective. Firedoglake lists tons more on this new low for the MSM. And may we no longer hear the right's empty-headed complaining about the liberal media -- it was never true but this travesty just drove a stake through the heart of that canard.

At what point does ABC try to salvage a shred of credibility by just shit-canning this completely partisan yet pushed as otherwise piece of garbage? Do they really think last-minute editing is going to change anything at this point? The damage is done and they have only themselves to blame.

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