Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'll be back here with much more in a day or two but wanted to mention that I did catch Rick Santorum vs. Bob Casey on Meet The Press this past Sunday. When watching it occurred to me how so much is relative when it comes to politics and that when choosing political representatives it's most often a search for the prettiest pig. They're all usually damaged in some way or another, but we need to find the least bad alternative. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, democracy is a bad form of government -- except all the others are worse.

That said, Santorum came off better than Casey in terms of TV-friendly answers, appearing to be quicker and more on-point. Casey came off as a bit lethargic and to a point smug. (I of course don't mean to imply that Santorum was on the correct side of issues -- far from it. He just sounded better than Casey). However, despite the fact that Casey will never be mistaken for Bill Clinton, it speaks volumes that he leads Santorum by double-digits. PA residents are not so much voting for Casey as they are voting against Santorum and Bush. Odds favor this being the trend heading into November with Democrats needing to make strong, concise statements regarding their positions, but even more so amplifying the I'm-not-with-GW message loud and clear. King Doofus has finally become kryptonite.

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