Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bush et al refuse to disclose the name of the private company involved in the mysterious disappearance of millions of official White House emails. We shouldn't be surprised since they likely (and absurdly) believe this is just another demand that falls under executive privilege, and reminds of Cheney rebuffing requests for the names of energy companies in policy meetings.

The loss of these emails is a violation of law:
According to the White House, at least five million e-mails were not properly archived and may be lost forever, in apparent violation of the Presidential Records Act. The post-Watergate law states that communications relating to official activity in the offices of the president and vice president are owned by the American public and cannot be destroyed.
But more so, according to many tech specialists, it's impossible to truly delete or lose emails forever. They're always embedded somewhere on hard drives and they are retrievable.

Waxman and company should not relent and keep upping the pressure.

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