Tuesday, September 25, 2007

They just refuse to let it go: "Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson sought to revive the Bush administration's bid to overhaul Social Security, issuing the first of several papers aimed at finding 'common ground' on the issue."

Here's a suggestion, why not increase the age eligible to receive social security? As I wrote on December 11, 2004:
I think first and foremost the retirement age MUST be adjusted up; life expectancy has increased by 13%, or 9 years, since 1950 and yet thanks to gutless politicians, the age cutoff remains stagnant. A bump up of just one or two years would make a huge difference.
Needless to say, this age adjustment is long overdue and it makes complete sense -- just not politically. Heaven forbid if you piss off the voting bloc that makes up soon-to-receive social security checks. But the question then has to be asked, do they want to actually fix it or do they just want to privatize it?

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