Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fight them over there so we can destroy ourselves here...?

From Chris Bowers, regarding Bush's $50 billion request for war funding on top of the already $147 billion requested, thus totaling almost $200 billion:
[A]nother 1.5% of our gross national income will be sent to Iraq. We sent along another 0.7% back in May, and the DoD appropriations bill sent another 3.5% indirectly to Iraq. That makes a running total 5.7% of our gross national income spent on Iraq and the military so far this year. This is simply not sustainable. Among other things, the Soviet Empire's war in Afghanistan destroyed the Soviet Empire. The longer we keep sending 5-6% of our national income down the Iraq sinkhole, the more likely it becomes for the Iraq war to destroy us.
Yup, the debacle over there is well on its way to topping $1 trillion in costs -- of course, not to mention the "cost" in human lives. Insanity.

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