Sunday, September 23, 2007

Republicans effectively defeated Sen. Jim Webb's bill that looked to lengthen time at home for soldiers before being sent back to Iraq for another tour of duty. As stated in the Washington Post, "Military families have bemoaned the stress of repeated deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Some military personnel have spent more than half of the past five years deployed in war zones."

How is it possible anyone could've been against this bill? The GOP is always quick to point the finger at the Dems for lowering troop morale (always a bogus accusation), but doesn't this defeat do just that? The divorce rate in the military has increased dramatically since the start of this war, and yet here I thought Republicans were all about "family values" and the sanctity of marriage?

I guess it's much like everything else, they're for it as long as it's politically expedient. In this case, it was the middle-finger flashed to the troops for matters partisan in nature, with Bush/Cheney gleefully smiling in the background. Another in a series of outrages.

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