Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another $46 billion allocated to Iraq. We're nearing the $1 trillion mark. And yet we can't afford an extra $20 billion for children's healthcare (S-CHIP). And meanwhile so much inside our country is left unprotected from terrorist attack: chemical plants, our ports, nuclear power sites, etc.

Add one more on to this list of potential threats: insects. The Boston Globe had a truly frightening article on the possibilities for using the little critters to spread massive havoc.

Yes, scary stuff. But can we truly protect ourselves from every kind of threat? Shouldn't we make a prioritized list and allocate precious funds accordingly, remaining sensible and using logic? As opposed to the current administration which makes no list, uses not a wit of reason, instead opting for just tossing scary rhetoric at the public like spaghetti against a wall. Oh, and to send hundreds of billions of our dollars to continue a war overseas that is going nowhere, just money and lives down the drain.

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