Monday, October 01, 2007

Regarding the environment, this must be Bush's 18th attempt at snookering the public into believing he's finally gotten real on the issue, no more pussyfooting or saying one thing meaning another.

Snooze. Let's just say he's now 0-18, at least for those of us pretty adept at resisting getting snookered.

With these occasions, Bush tries to appeal to those who read only the headlines, hoping to have those folks recognize his name and the word "environment" in the same sentence -- a rarity, and folks will say, "Oh look at that, Bush is trying to help, finally." But in reality it's still the same BS, Bush looking to kick the can down the road, take no meaningful action, endorse lots of voluntary, pro-corporate measures, etc. Same old, same old.

Beneath the laughable headlines, his administration continues to work hard to destroy the environment. Nothing has changed on this front during his entire two-terms. Don't get snookered.

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