Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dennis Prager was complaining this week about the left attacking the right, with the likes of his buddies Medved and Limbaugh getting smeared. Prager even asserts that the mere mention of Giuliani's relationships (past marriages, adultery, closeness to kids) is beyond the pale.

Oh really? Hilarity. What the right never likes is when the same is done to them that they regularly do to others. The right makes their living attacking others that don't agree with their views. Recall what they did to the Clintons when it came to relationships (including Chelsea) as compared to the now off-limits Giuliani. Hell, recall the yucks the right had with Alec Baldwin's phone message to his daughter. Recall the recent slamming of (but the deafening silence by the right when The American Conservative magazine likewise blasts Petraeus, calling him a "political general of the worst kind" -- no problem there?). All of this kind of criticism from the right is just fine, just wholesome fair play, but gash darn it don't even think of going after one of their own with such veracity. Then it's deemed below the belt and shameful.

Cut to Hugh Hewitt who this week mentions a Mexican flag incident, where it was flying above the US flag (illegal), but instead of allowing the law to resolve this wrong, a man takes a knife and cuts it down himself. Hewitt applauds this act of vigilantism, calling it "glorious" and "fantastic" and assuring this man all Americans feel proud of what he did.

Instead of letting our legal system do what it was originally designed to do, many on the right instead condone the taking of the law into one's own hands. I realize our president has not been a good example in this regard, as he too has all too often ignored our legal system and run the country as only he sees fit, Constitution be damned. In this case, irony and hypocrisy once again rule the day as this man commits a potential crime (destroying private property) to resolve a potential crime. Does anyone recall Bernard Goetz?

So for the sake of patriotism and feeling good about America, the right is saying we should encourage Death Wish-type actions, where individuals take up arms and do what they want, and ignore our system of laws? Two wrongs do make a right? Well, it apparently makes it right-wing.

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