Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Paul Krugman comments on the lack of spine in the Democrats:
[T]hey have been burned badly on national security in the past...They’re afraid to take on Bush, even though this is a massively unpopular war, because they’re afraid that it will somehow, you know, backfire on them...Now they’re afraid. So, they’re basically trying to keep possession of the ball, and they’re afraid to do anything that might upset things...They’re afraid that, one last time, Bush will pull the national security thing on them.
The last time Bush (and Rove) pulled "the national security thing" and it succeeded was in 2004, or what will be four years ago. Given the state of things now vs. then, that's eons ago. The odds are greatly diminished it would succeed again in 2008, and the rock-bottom approval ratings of Congress -- due in large part to their refusal to take on Bush -- support this contention.

The fact is if the Dems don't start giving Bush a reason to use that tired national security threat, then it will hurt them, not help. Times have changed, greatly.

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