Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wow, Tucker Carlson is a real smarmy a-hole, one of those ex-bowtie wearing prep school, from-money snots who believes he knows more than every other schnook in the room, and worse yet believes he's fair and compassionate. He likes to imagine he's with the beyond-the-beltway crowd but who's he kidding? This guy wreaks of St. Elmo's Fire.

He was on Bill Maher's show this past Friday and concerning the right-wing bashing of 12-year-old Graeme Frost, Carlson said it was the fault of his parents for "injecting him" into a political debate. Come again? His parents hoisted Graeme into this sh*tstorm of depraved, inaccurate commentary?

It's funny but I don't recall Carlson making the same point regarding the MoveOn.org ad and General Petraeus. You know, when Bush put Petraeus into the line of fire to make the case for the continued surge, i.e. making his General a part of the political theater and thus a target. But no, the ad was admonished as shameful, and yet Carlson makes no such similar condemnations of the attacks on Frost -- all of which were based on lies.

What's most hilarious is throughout Maher's show, Carlson kept uttering that he was not on one partisan side or the other, that he was just trying to be fair, to play the middle. What fool believes this crap? There's not a shot in hell this guy would ever credibly defend anything liberal, not a shot.

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