Thursday, January 03, 2008

Doesn't this sound familiar?
When Congress caved to White House pressure in August, it authorized continued warrantless eavesdropping only until Feb. 1. Now, the White House wants the move made permanent. "Terrorists do not work on six month time frames," [Ed] Gillespie said.
I could be wrong but weren't the tax cuts for the rich supposed to be temporary? And wasn't the increase in troops for the surge supposed to be temporary? Hell, wasn't the Iraq occupation supposed to be temporary?

When will the Dems catch-on to this ploy? Bush/Cheney get what they want under the guise of it only being temporary, they get it, then at a later date they pull out all the stops to make it permanent.

Is it any wonder the Dem-led Congress polls as low as Bush/Cheney?

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