Sunday, January 06, 2008

Great column by Frank Rich this morning. He distills the Iowa outcome as one of rejecting the last seven years, with middle-America voters in both parties choosing the least establishment-connected candidates.

A record number of Democrats showed up to give Obama the convincing win -- this in a state that is 95% white and under 3% African American. Imagine how such a massive turnout in this generally conservative state bodes for Obama in the rest of the country? It's no wonder Hillary is flop-sweating....

And as for Huckabee, well any GOP candidate who has the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Robert Novak, and the WSJ editorial page up in arms can't be all that bad. (Make no mistake, he's very much not good, ignorant on many issues and quite nutty on others, but it's all relative on that crazed side of the political spectrum).

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