Monday, January 21, 2008

I have a curious question: does it make sense that "America's Mayor" should be faring this poorly in these early primary states, even despite his decision to "skip" them? Yes, fine, Rudy threw the dice and decided to focus on FLA, but if he's such a larger-than-life, 9/11-huge type figure, then shouldn't his performance be at least a tad bit better than it has been in these states? I mean c'mon, Giuliani, former big-time mayor of NYC, is now trailing McCain in New York!

To me it says his gradual downhill slide is not surprising, that once folks on a national scale learn more about him and what he's truly all about, it's when his mythical appeal crumbles and the disturbing, ugly realities hit home. Momentum works both ways and it's tough to reverse.

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