Monday, January 14, 2008

Don't forget, global warming is not just about melting icebergs, rising tides, droughts, more violent storms, more extreme hot/cold weather -- oh, and tons and tons of toxic pollutants released into the air for us to breathe and ingest as the toxins get absorbed into water, food, etc. No, global warming is also about disease, as the viruses and other bugs that typically were held in check now spread to the new, more temperate climates. Example: Chikungunya.

But not to worry. After years of stone-walling, blocking, editing reports, and basically doing everything possible to be the anti-environment president, supposedly Bush is coming around to the realty of the situation, just before he's out the door.
[E]ver so gradually, they say, Bush's views have evolved. He has found the science increasingly persuasive and believes more needs to be done, especially after a set of secret briefings last winter....If global warming turns out to be a defining issue of this generation, advisers said, Bush does not want to be remembered as a roadblock.
Hold on, I can't stop laughing, can't catch my breath.... Are these people for real? Now he fears he'll be remembered as Prez Roadblock when it came to global warming, pollution, and the environment? Newsflash: that ship has long sailed! He will and should go down as the worst environmental president ever, no debate. Much too late to alter that well-earned title.

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