Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From Steve Benen:
So, McCain has a secret plan to capture Osama bin Laden. He could share his secret plan with the White House, so it could be implemented now and the al Qaeda leader could be taken into custody before he can launch additional attacks, but McCain doesn’t want to. He has his “own ideas,” which presumably he won’t share — even in private, with the Commander in Chief — unless he’s elected.

I’m curious, does John McCain think we’re children?

I mean, really. If there are “certain policies and procedures” that could lead to OBL’s detention, and a president could implement those policies and procedures now, why wouldn’t McCain stop by the Oval Office for a chat with Bush about how best to proceed?

By McCain’s own reasoning, it sounds like he’d rather let bin Laden remain free for another year, until McCain and his “own ideas” can get to work.
Or even more of a shocker, perhaps McCain's "own ideas" break more laws than even Bush would have the stomach for. Hard to believe but possible.

Just when you think McCain may be one of the saner Republicans running for prez, he lets loose a doozy of a reminder that all Republicans are to some degree crazy.

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