Thursday, September 25, 2008

A couple of more points about McCain's suspended-campaign-in-animation:

  • Why didn't McCain simply suggest that they swap the VP debate with the presidential one, allowing him and Obama to head to Washington while Biden and Palin have it out this Friday? After all, Palin said she wouldn't blink....

  • Many if not most people don't know what's going on when it comes to this bailout, so what better than a debate where the two candidates show up to tell us how they would plan to get us out of this crisis? It would help fill the vacuum of scant knowledge and give us a better sense of how either one responds when faced with a one-of-a-kind, calamitous situation.

  • McCain insinuated that he planned to swoop into Washington like Underdog, ready to save the day. But if he had a solution regarding this bailout, then let's hear it! Or is this like his Osama "secret," where he has said repeatedly that he would be able to track down bin Laden -- but refuses to offer a hint on how he will go about doing it...?

  • Whether it be the shenanigans they pulled with the hurricane and their convention, or the protective coddling of Palin with regards to interviews, and now this seeking to postpone debates (incl. the VP one), it certainly presents the image of a man who is looking to run and hide, duck and avoid. Does this appear presidential to anyone? During these troubled times, don't we want a leader who is not afraid to face the fire, to confront, to tackle head on tough issues, doing so with calmness and confidence? If so, it would appear as if Obama has it all over McCain.
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