Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Let me understand, because of Gustav the Republicans all but cancel their convention....? (And needless to say by my simply asking this question I am so un-American). But as I type Gustav has fortunately been downgraded to a tropical storm, so can't the full show go on? Why not make some scheduling changes to allow all the planned speakers a chance to be heard?

Look, McCain & Co. were hoping for any reason to cancel the appearance of Bush and Cheney at the convention. As it was they had these two going on Monday, when most people would be caught in traffic as they headed home from the holiday weekend. We're talking the incumbent president and VP -- under normal circumstances one would think such individuals would 1) be scheduled to go on say Weds. if not Thursday, and 2) if forced to postpone would certainly be rescheduled to speak. I mean after all a former president (Clinton) spoke on a Weds. for the Dems, and as far as I know I have yet to hear when Bush or Cheney will in fact speak (I assume that means they won't -- just as McCain would like it).

Of course we understand the real reasons why they wished to scuttle Bush/Cheney, but to lamely do so via the cover of Gustav's arrival -- characterizing it as the patriotic thing to do -- reaches just another low for the GOP. Truly pathetic.

(Shocking, Bush and Cheney reportedly not missed at the convention).

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