Monday, September 08, 2008

The latest Gallup poll has Obama and McCain in a statistical tie. However, when it comes to gauging the election, I much prefer the web site where state-by-state polls are tracked, avoiding the more generic national polls. It's been quite accurate in its projections and a much-referenced site.

On August 15th, this web site had the electoral vote count at 275-250-13 in favor of Obama. At the start of the DNC convention, Obama's lead was down to 269-256-13. By the start of the RNC convention, Obama's lead rose to 278-247-13. And then by the close of the Republican "We Want Change (from ourselves?)" fest and currently, Obama's lead has ballooned all the way up to 301-224-13.

It would appear all the talk about Palin infusing needed buzz and excitement into the tired McCain campaign is just that -- lots of talk.

UPDATE: Several have written that the state polls have a time lag, thus the likely reason for Obama's 301-224 lead just after RNC convention. The web site is now at 281-230-27, not quite as dramatic a lead but still fairly sizable. Thanks for the education from the respondents.

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