Saturday, September 06, 2008

When Ronald Reagan used Springsteen's song "Born In The USA" for campaigning purposes, The Boss spoke out against it. When John McCain used a Jackson Browne song for campaigning purposes, Jackson Browne responded with a lawsuit. The same applies concerning "Barracuda" and Heart.

One of the best things Hillary could do for the Obama campaign, to show she earnestly wanted to see him win, would be to vociferously and forcefully speak out against Palin's gambit to win over Hillary's 18 million supporters. If Hillary remains silent on this matter, or at most speaks out in an exceedingly tepid tone, I would then have to think there remains some plausibility that she wouldn't mind seeing Obama lose -- meaning "Hello 2012!" for her.

That's just my opinion, and whereas Obama/Biden have to be a bit more careful with regards to their attack mode against Palin for the obvious reasons, the same does not apply to Hillary. She can afford to toss the gloves off and really go after Palin for her record and what she stands for and it would have tremendous impact on many women voters, without the inevitable cries of sexism that would come from the McCain camp.

For the next several weeks, I'll be watching Hillary's efforts closely in this regard. As much as she does not want to be blamed for an Obama loss if it were to happen, if she doesn't carry out a coordinated, well-orchestrated and often-heard attack plan against Palin's record (one we know she's fully capable of), then unfortunately we'll be left wondering if what she said at the convention concerning Obama and this election was actually true.

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