Monday, July 26, 2004

Kerry is apparently seeking the help of several Kennedy-associated folks. Such a close alliance may make some Dems sweat a bit, setting Kerry up to be an easy target for the, uh, dreaded "L" word.

Limbaugh and the rest of them have been bashing Kerry with the "Mass. liberal" label long before this revelation. And besides, near zero percent of Limbaugh or Hannity listeners are candidates for switching their vote to Kerry (likewise, a very low percent of Air America listeners likely to switch and vote for Bush). The question then remains of the less than 20% of still undecided voters (80+% are "locked in" to either Bush or Kerry), will this liberal label become like kryptonite as it did for Dukakis?

Given how much GW has tarnished the conservative label, I would venture to say that many (like myself) would be proud to be considered leaning left or, gulp, liberal.

Again, if all you hear on FOX or the right-wing radio shows is the "liberal" word being thrown around -- absent any discussion of the issues -- then you know they got nothin'. You'd think the "boy genius" Rove could do better than that!

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