Sunday, July 25, 2004 reports on another (in a long series of) lie put forth by bonehead Hannity. The subject this time: medical malpractice suits. The target: John Edwards, of course.

Forget the facts, this time around Hannity chooses anecdotal, in-the-family evidence to defend his stance. Gads.

According to the CBO, malpractice-related costs add approximately 2% to overall health spending -- hardly the "astronomical" figure Hannity was gasping about.

What I want to know is by how much does the extreme power of the big pharma lobby escalate healthcare costs? Huh Sean? Just in that bogus, 3AM-voted-upon Medicare bill this lobby likely had tremendous influence, and we know the true cost of that bill was well over $100 bil. more than first fessed up -- or at least five times more expensive than the 2% added to costs due to malpractice.

Also, regarding trial lawyers, they perform before a jury of our peers, a set of citizens that ultimately decides upon these "obscene" awards. Hmm, with that logic, we all should've hated Michael Jordan for his "obscene" salary. Hey, he got what the Bulls were willing to pay, right? Is he to blame? In the end, it's the average Joe & Jane who are to blame, not the trial lawyer; he/she is just doing his/her job.

But, Hannity says things with such frightening certainty that most of his blockhead viewers & listeners just take what he has to say as gospel. (And you can count on lame-o Colmes to comply & behave). It's truly scary.

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