Tuesday, July 27, 2004

This morning, I flipped on the radio and heard Sean Hannity being interviewed on a right-wing talk show. He was breathlessly reciting the RNC talking points regarding the Dem convention, throwing around the "L" word as much as possible and complaining because the event was being overly "controlled" and had not been allowed to turn into a "freak show." He was depressed because he felt it was all staged & fake, as if wolves in sheepskins.

Oh give me a break. There was nothing more repulsively fake than the 2000 Republican convention, where they attempted to hoist on the American people the absurd idea that what looked to be 90% of the faces on TV were minorities -- as if suddenly the Republicans were the tolerant, inclusive, big-tent party. It was a joke! I'm sure Hannity believes that convention was a 100% truthful portrayal of the real GOP, which would just confirm how delusional he can be. If he wants to sling around the "H" word (hypocrisy), in my mind that is the single word that best describes Republicans. Just wait till their convention, you just won't believe your eyes (and ears).

And as for that non-existent liberal media, Salon is out today with just how slanted the media has been against the convention,

"While not openly contemptuous of Kerry, the way so much of the press was of vice president Al Gore in 2000, TV's talking heads had a habit on Monday of spinning things in a slightly negative light."

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