Saturday, July 24, 2004

The underlying numbers for polls can be so interesting -- and perplexing.  Example, with yesterday's poll results, we have seen how dramatically Bush's poll numbers turn around if Cheney were dropped from the ticket, yet reportedly 72% of Republicans, as well as about half of independents, say they want Cheney to remain on the ticket.

The race remains close (49/47 in favor of Kerry) and perhaps reflecting the deep polarization of the country, decided (certain) voters amount to a whopping 83%, i.e. Bush & Kerry are supposedly fighting for less than 1 in 5 up-for-grabs voter.  Note also that when you throw Nader into the mix, the lead for Kerry drops from 49/47 to 47/46.  I realize these results are statistically insignificant given +/- 3% error, however the movement in the numbers is a tell.  I still maintain hope that Nader will finally come to his senses and drop out. The very-Nader-like Kucinich recently endorsed Kerry/Edwards.

Another interesting tid-bit:  Cheney's favorable/unfavorable numbers 47/43, Edwards' 52/26 (huge difference vs. Cheney), yet note Hillary Clinton's 56/38.  Yes, she has a 56% "favorable" number, ahead of her husband's 54% and Bush's 52%.  The fact is many people like her -- despite what you hear from the right-wing media. Yet, Edwards was the better choice given his low 26% unfavorable number vs. Hillary's 38% (she's more polarizing -- not what Kerry needs).

Finally, in terms of individual issues, the only one Bush leads Kerry on: Iraq & terrorism (surprise!).  Kerry leads on the economy, health care, education, and, get this, taxes.  Given this one-note presidency, if things get woefully worse in Iraq or with a terrorist incident, it should dramatically tip the scales in Kerry's favor. 

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