Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Brendan Miniter pens an editorial in the WSJ wherein he's basically urging GW to give the "problem" Dems the middle finger re Social Security private accounts, to not attempt to craft a bipartisan remedy. Typical WSJ stuff. However, my favorite, and most revealing, line is the following:
I'd go further and say that unless the Democrats start to offer serious ideas, the party will help to cement a long-lasting Republican majority as the GOP saves Social Security on its own.
I just love the way right-wingers automatically assume that their idea of fixing SS will no-doubt "save" it, like it's in stone. Laughable. We know humility is not in their make-up, but just look at how their tax cuts were not going to seriously affect the surplus, or how the Iraqis were going to immediately embrace us, literally. They've been oh-so-right at every turn -- yes, let's trust them again, by all means!

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