Friday, February 11, 2005

Have to just love the hypocrisy -- goes with the GOP like stink on a skunk. The latest in the never-ending series: GannonGate (or should it be GuckertGate?).

Of course, the right-wing blogs are too busy blathering about non-stories (like Al Franken NOT running for Senate, or the usual fodder about the Clintons) to notice this item, which of course they'd be blaring from the rooftops if it were against a Dem in the highest office.

So, let's count the hypocrisy ways on this latest example:
1) Of course, the hypocrisy stems from the fact that these folks are the "family values" police, always preaching about what's righteous and of virtue. The hypocrisy has nothing to do with an invasion of privacy.
2) Some right-wing bloggers are pathetically trying to equate Clinton (of course) to this scandal, saying he was involved in not-nice acts. Um, newsflash: BJs are legal, prostitution is not.
3) It's been cited that Guckert, aka Gannon, was given a classified CIA memo (involved with the outing of Valerie Plame) -- illegal, right? Oh, and I don't recall Monica receiving classified documents....
4) How is it someone using a fake name/ID was given clearance to come and go from the White House? That's real reassuring, but more so suspicious.
"Mr. G" would seem to be (note: it's not known for certain yet re his sexual orientation; you read the many stories/blogs and decide) another in a long history of self-hating, right-wing homosexuals (Roy Cohn comes to mind), set on circulating anti-gay propaganda to achieve some insidious end.

It'll be interesting to see what comes of this story. It will likely die as the "liberal" press is not able nor interested in creating firestorms like the overtly right-wing media (FOX, talk radio, etc.).

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