Saturday, February 26, 2005

There's nothing like sweet poetic justice, and with the news about Mitch Daniels, it's sweet. Bush's former budget director, Daniels was the guy pushing for the huge tax cuts favoring the wealthy. Thanks to him (and GW) we have this enormous deficit.

Well, now Mitch is Indiana's governor and with the state facing a deficit, guess what Mitch has proposed to balance the budget? A 1% tax hike on workers making more than $100K. Yup, he advocates soaking the rich! Oh, and he wants to increase spending by $1 bil. over the next two years.

Hmm, me thinks this looks and smells like one of those liberal Democrats in the '70s, you know, the ones accused of taxing and spending. But that aside, this is just another sickening example of the hypocrisy on the right. How anyone can take what they have to say seriously is beyond me.... In time, they nearly always contradict what comes from their mouths.

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